How to apply ASTC Saber Certification

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How to get Saber Certification.

Step 1make one year valid product certification of conformityPCoCcertification through saber platform.

Step 2make shipment certificationSCoCaccording PCoC.


Saber PCoC need documents

1. Application form (F22 Saber PCoC Application form) and declaration form(F22 Supplier Declaration Form)

download here

2. Manufacture License and ISO certificate (if have)

3. Products Photos

4. Send us 1-2 samplesif have no ISO17025 lab test reports


If you want confirm Saber certification fees. let us know:

Products name:

HS code :

Photos :


All documents send to ASTC by mail. 

If you meet any problem. Please send mail to
SaberASTC Saber ASTC
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