Start from 01/02/2020 need CoC export to Moroccan market

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Start from 1 February 2020, below products on the control list must comply with Moroccan technical regulations and standards for export to Morocco. 

Depending on the product category, validation should be conducted in the country of export or destination of the corresponding product. 

All controlled products must obtain a COC certificate in order to successfully clear customs and enter the Moroccan market.

Details as below:

1.Automobile spare parts: Tires, Batteries, Brake linings, glazing, Filter elements, Mechanical control cable

 2.Construction products: Ceramic tiles, Cement, Sealing sheets, sanitary products, taps, Plastic tubes, Wooden panels

3.Gas appliances: Gas heaters, Gas water heaters

4.Wire rod and concrete reinforcing iron

5. Articles of clothing other than work clothes

6.Electrical products: Chargers for mobile phones, circuit breakers

7.Blankets, Rugs, Carpets and Upholstery

8.Baby diapers

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